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Mei Zen (Cosmetics) Acupuncture

What is Mei Zen Acupuncture?


Mei Zen is often marketed as Cosmetics Acupuncture but in reality it is much more than that. Mei Zen literally means “beautiful person”. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, your skin is a reflection of your physical, emotional and spiritual health. Mei Zen in reality is a whole body Anti-aging protocol where the cosmetics benefits are its wondrous side effects. You look your best because your internal health is in tip-top shape!

Mei Zen has 3 protocols: face, neck, and abdominal.


Face and neck protocols are most often used for its cosmetics properties (tighter skin, anti-wrinkles, brighter more luminous skin, sagging neck, scars). It also helps patients with facial abnormalities from Bell’s Palsy and Stroke.


The abdominal protocol is marketed for weight loss and fertility. However the abdmonial protocol can also help with complex conditions such as chronic fatigue, chronic digestive problems, and much more.


How does Mei Zen work?


Mei Zen is founded by Dr. Martha Lucas L.Ac. The protocol uses ancient Acupuncture techniques to strongly stimulate traditional acupuncture points and modern points founded by the founder. These strong stimulations then increases blood flow, collagen production, etc (like in younger skin) to gives the effect of less wrinkles, tighter skin, etc.


The abdominal protocol has a strong basis in balancing our digestion. Furthermore the abdominal region has many core acupuncture points to help with our post-natal Qi. Our digestion is closely related to our immune system. This is why when our digestion is “out of whack” we develop many different symptoms or conditions. The idea here is to rebalance our digestion to support our immune system to treat different types of chronic disorders.


Mei Zen vs Cosmetics Surgery?


Mei Zen acupuncture is a complete natural treatment. It is non-invasive, non-injection, no anesthesia needed, and no surgery needed protocol.

It is low to no-risk for the side effects of cosmetic surgery such as nerve damage, infection, scarring, swelling, seroma, allergic reactions/rejections, organ damage, stroke, heart attacks, and death.

Please note that the effects of Mei Zen Cosmetics Acupuncture will not be dramatic like Cosmetic Surgery. People around you would notice that you look “different”, younger, more energized; even wondering if you lost weight or had a new haircut. It would not be obvious like cosmetic surgery face lift.

What makes Mei Zen unique from other Cosmetic Acupuncture and procedures?


It can treat skin problems and prevents them as well. Most other procedures can only be done after the skin problems already appeared.


How long does the effects last?


For cosmetics purposes, if you finished the whole protocol, the effects lasts 2- 8 years. The wide range depends on the person’s diet, lifestyle choices, and protocol maintenance.


For weight loss or chronic problems, the effects are more variable. This is very dependent on the condition and lifestyle choices.


Mei Zen Side Effects?


Mei Zen Acupuncture is an anti-aging protocol. Therefore you can expect certain “side effects” such as sleeping better, better digestion, and more energized. At the beginning you may experience increase bowel movements and/or urination because of the detoxification process.


You do not have to worry about the same side effects of other more invasive cosmetics procedures. Unlike fillers or botox, the effects would not migrate and affect other areas. 

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